10 Best Essay TitlesThe 10 best essay titles may differ from one person to another but the most controversial are the ones that make an interesting read because they initiate a debate. The best 10 essay titles in generating debate and creating opinions are on the following controversial things:


There is no limit as to how much debate and controversy that the word abortion sparks. There are varied rights about whether it moral or immoral, whether it should be legalized, whether a fetus has right to live and if abortion should be legalized or not.  There is also much debate as to whether a health practitioner who performs abortion is professional or unprofessional. An essay with arguments for and against abortion is interesting.


Sex courts all sorts of opinions and controversies especially when it comes to same sex relationships and sex education in schools. It also arouses interest therefore making it one of the best essay titles.

Animal Rights

Animal rights is usually at forefront of controversy for issues such as experimentation with animals and how much right they should have.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry   sparks debate around the world because of discussions about the effects of certain drugs.

Death Penalty

There are many people put on dearth row after committing serious crimes generating heated discussions about  whether the penalty should be still be legal or not. There are also debates on how countries death row inmates and execution methods.

Plastic Surgery

Due to effects, addiction and sometimes deaths attributed to plastic surgery, people take opposing sides about it hence it is one of best essay titles especially for argumentative essay.

Genetic Cloning

Cloning raises emotions as some see it as a success while other see it as taking on roles meant for God.

Border Control

Developed countries claim to have high regard for freedom. These countries attract illegal immigrants searching for better life thus it is debatable whether they uphold freedom when they   prevent immigrants from entering their borders or repatriating thus living there illegally. Border control at times ties up with human trafficking that thrives when border control is not very strict.

Killer Diseases

Debates about origin, causes, treatment and prevention of killer disease like cancer, Ebola and AIDS take various dimensions because they revolve around divergent theories and believe. There are also arguments in support of and against methods used to raise awareness such as going without a bra or topless to generate awareness about breast cancer.

Relationship Issues

Relationship among individuals, gender, races, countries and other things affecting such relationships generate mixed reactions

The best essay titles are therefore things about the above and others that raise arguments and disputes.

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