You will create a successful critical essay by following this guide:

Understand the Essay Topic

Learn the paper topic soon as possible to enable you plan the research.

Research Widely

Get research information from various sources including encyclopedias, books, journals articles and news sources. Gather more information than you expect to reference when writing the essay. Do not gather too much information and put it in the essay simply because you did a research as it will distract you from main point.

You should not use information from Wikipedia for everything or copy and paste replies from other people as it will be found to have plagiarism no matter the website that you obtained it from.

Separate Research from Irrelevant Material

Skim through the sources to separate useful research from irrelevant material. You can get interesting research from books, published critical essays on your topic and notes. Do not research things that are not relevant to your critical essay.

Reread Relevant Material thoroughly and Critically

Highlight, underline or mark other books or journal articles on your own. Use diverse color post-it notes for directing your attention to critical details from the library books. Summarize or annotate each of the sources that you read. Note the few important details and main argument in the sources for future reference.

Review Your Research and Notes to Brainstorm a Thesis

You can either ask a critical question to be answered by your paper or write out a rough thesis statement.

Sketch a Rough Introduction

Sketch an introduction while recognizing that you might have to rewrite or edit it later on.

Use Your Research Notes to Develop Rough Outline

Identify two or three major sections for the main body of your paper. These sections should have most crucial portions of the argument. Use your research and notes to fill in details of the sections. You can copy and paste essential arguments or details into your outline.

Identify Sectionals Relationship

Follow this up by identifying the relationship between sections of your paper. Briefly describe it in margins of your outline. Use the relationship to sketch rough conclusion. After going through these steps, give yourself adequate time for substantive revision that will clarify any confusing arguments or logic.

Complete your critical essay by proofreading the printed version of the final draft carefully. Ensure that the introduction is very interesting to the readers. The thesis statement should clear and use latest sources that are factually rich.