A personal essay conceives one’s feelings, ideas, thoughts and personal input. It is a liberated self wheeling device that uses first person. When writing a personal essay, always use first person, active voice, and consistent tense and specific descriptions. Remember to use positive language as it is more effective than negative. It is better if to use a word like “remember“instead of “do not forget. “

Writing Tips


Start the personal essay with an interesting sentence that will hook up the readers so that they have interest to read more. After thinking of a compelling topic, decide on main idea you would like to communicate about essay topic before introducing it with a bang.

Example: Do not be surprised if the first assignment that you get when you return to school is a personal essay. Be prepared.

A thesis statement (main idea you want communicate) is the next part of the introduction. It acts as the hint about what the essay will cover.

Example: A personal essay helps teachers as it gives them a picture upfront about your grasp of the language, voice and composition.


The body of the essay should have several paragraphs to inform your readers about points that you mentioned in the introduction. The body of a personal essay tells you about importance of language, voice and composition.  A paragraph or two on each point is enough. If you prefer working from an outline, it is advisable to list down the points you intend to make, re-arrange them in a logical order then fill in relevant information.


Paragraphs mostly have same structure as entire essay. They start with a sentence that introduces a point and draws in the readers. The middle sentences of a paragraph provide information about the point. The concluding sentence will drive your view home as it leads to next point.

Start a new paragraph for each new idea. Each paragraph should be a steady progression from previous idea and lead to next idea or conclusion. Keep paragraphs relatively short. Ten lines is a good number to say a lot if you write concisely.


Close the personal essay with the final paragraph that will summarize the points that you made in the entire essay and state your final opinion. This is the point at which you offer lessons learned or insights. You can also share how you got or will be changed as a result of your approach. The best conclusion for a personal essay is tied to the first opening paragraph.