A compare and contrast essay compares two or even more things to portray their similarity then contrast the same to show how different these things are. Compare and contrast essays are a common type of essay in academic writing.

For your essay to be effective, pick subjects that you can compare and contrast meaningfully. The subjects should not be so different that there is nothing common between them or closely similar that there is nothing much to write about their differences.

You can create an effective compare and contrast essay using this format:


The introduction should open generally (with anecdote, generalization, quotation) and lead to thesis statement.

Topic 1

This portion might have one or several paragraphs and should only cover the first topic of the essay. Do not mention the second topic in this portion.

Topic 2

This is a portion that has one or more paragraphs that should cover the second topic without discussing the first one. Since you have gone into great detail about it, you can briefly allude to Topic 1 but do not analyze it here. This portion is for discussing Topic 2 in detail.

Topics 1 and 2 Together

After analyzing both topics independently,   this is the point at which you can analyze them together. You can use just one paragraph or several for this section.


The conclusion of a compare and contrast essay is like the introduction should generalize the thesis. This paragraph should state the certainty   and absolute knowledge that you have on subject matter.

Reaffirm the thesis by restating it using new words to show you have proven it.

Second format

  1. Introduction

The introduction like any five paragraph essay should open generally. Use a quotation, anecdote or generalization leading to thesis statement.

  1. All Comparisons (Topics 1 and 2)

This section should have several paragraphs going through all similarities in the two topics that you are writing about. Have at least three comparisons preferably three short body paragraphs in which provide an example from both topics of comparison.

  1. All Contrasts (Topics 1 and 2)

The section should have several paragraphs going through all the differences you will find in two topics on which you write.  Write at least three contrasts (basically three short body paragraphs) in which you provide an example from topics of comparison.

  1. Conclusion

This conclusion should wrap up everything that you just proven in the compare and contrast essay. It should restate the thesis in new way that is more official therefore you should be confident in your writing.