A descriptive essay is a piece of writing that uses the sense of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing to provide readers with vivid feeling and picture about  the essay subject.  This type of essay is made up of details that enable readers to imagine the described item.

The following are the tips that will enable you to create and appealing descriptive essay.

Choosing the Right Topic

The first task is to choose a topic that has numerous interesting qualities or parts to talk about. It is hard to write about a very simple object unless you have a very vivid imagination. The best approach is to first compare few topics and pick the one that will serve the purpose.

Figure out the best the best way of describing the chosen subject in a way that will relay complete experience to readers so that they can see, feel or hear through your words.


The purpose of an essay is to create a mental picture of a certain subject therefore it helps to list all things that associate to the topic.  If your essay is about a place you visited, list its general, personal and specific attributes that make it special to you and your readers.  Start with general then special attributes.

You will make a descriptive essay more relatable to readers by tying these details together. Remember to determine the good order for objects that you describe.  You need to for example determine if you want to describe the appearance of an object side to side or top to bottom. Begin your descriptive essay on general level and work down to specifics.


Try to outline an essay in five paragraphs and restrict it to tree major topics.  Expand the basic outline before constructing a thesis statement and trial topic sentence for each paragraph.

A thesis sentence should convey your impression of the essay subject. Each topic sentence introduces new stage or part of the topic.

When building paragraphs, do not immediately bombard readers with unfamiliar information but ease your way into the topic in introductory paragraph.  Give readers a broad view of the subject before identifying the details.


Do not cram too many details into a paragraph. Each paragraph should describe different aspects of the subject. Use good transition statements that make a paragraph to flow smoothly to the next.


The conclusion of a descriptive essay should tie everything together and restate the essay thesis. Summarize the meaning and importance of all details.

A descriptive essay should describe an action or feeling by reinventing it through senses rather than merely stating it.