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With the option of perusing ExampleEssays.com’s 80,000 pre-written essays or ordering a custom written essay is a great service. Each custom written essay is guaranteed unique and plagiarism free. This is definitely one Internet essay site that is not an  essay writing scam!

Key ExampleEssays.com Features

  • Membership allows full access to 80,000 essays
  • Option of ordering custom written paper
  • Option of 30, 90, 180 day membership packages
  • No membership required to order custom essay

Favorite ExampleEssays.com Feature

The bank of 80,000 essays for a membership fee can allow a student to improve his/her writing skills. Most (though not all) papers are referenced works, and there is a wide variety of topics and quality. Easily navigated, the client can use any of the pre-written papers for research; membership allows for download of unlimited works for the duration of membership. While the pre-written essays cannot be used as original work, or handed in to satisfy an assignment, the availability of papers can be a great way to break writer’s block!

ExampleEssays.com Customer Service

Unfortunately, the only means of contacting customer support via e-mail is through the site on their “Contact Page”. There are, however, two customer service phone numbers: US 1-800-501-6465 and 310-313-2563. With no hours of service listed, we did attempt to call each number with no response but an answering service. As of this writing, we are still waiting response (24 hours).

ExampleEssays.com Reviews

There is no readily available information regarding customer satisfaction numbers, although ExampleEssays.com feedback testimonials indicate that clients are very happy with the information made available.

Our primary complaint with ExampleEssays.com is the lack of information regarding writer qualifications for essay orders.