The increase of internet scam has led to concerns amongst students as they are likely to be victims after placing orders with what they assume is a legitimate essay writing service.  It is important to search for information about an essay writing company before placing an order so as to get genuine service.  There is no standard method of identifying whether a company is honest when it claims to offer legitimate services but there are certain things that one can do.

One great way of determining whether a writing service is legitimate is to visit a website that gives tests to essay writing services. A website such as gives essay writing websites a test to evaluate their performance. Sites that evaluate writing services have a list of genuine writing services. Such sites also warn students about fraudulent services and make efforts to protect legitimate writing companies.

Difference of a Legitimate Essay Writing Service

Another way of identifying a legitimate essay writing service is to look at the caliber of its employees. Genuine writing companies are serious investors hence they employ qualified staff in order to gain an edge over others by delivering better services that leave the customers satisfied. It is advisable for students to find out if the writing service that they settle for has employed qualified staff more so the writers. Legitimate service does not fear to state the qualifications of its writers and to introduce them to the customers.

A legitimate essay writing service markets itself by showing its quality though displaying samples of its original work on its website. It is crucial to go through a number of samples and then visit other sites with samples to determine if any has been copied from them.

More Features of Legitimate Essay Writing Service

Prices are an important part of any service and it can also be used to establish if an essay service is genuine. Writing services try to charge affordable prices although prices that are very low are a sign of a scam. A genuine writing service should host a single site for sourcing its orders and submitting the completed orders.

A company that has different sites may not be legitimate as it could be using them to engage in fraud. Any legitimate essay writing service should clearly display its telephone contact numbers on the website. It is advisable to try calling the numbers to see if they will be answered promptly and if the customer support representatives answer the questions convincingly.

Legitimate writing services are well known hence they do not need a high number of testimonials on their sites to proof how good they are. Companies that display endless testimonials are suspect.