It is a fact that not all essay writing services are genuine but it is hard to pick them out. Scam services send their customers essays with copy pasted content from the web. Others use unqualified writers who write sub standard content. Since all online companies promise to meet all requirements, it is essential research more about them from independent essay writing service reviews.

Essay Writing Service Reviews Can Always Help

Most writing services have motivational information about themselves but it is crucial to analyze whether the details are genuine. It is recommendable for students to visit reviews and forums that have feedback about a writing service from past users of its services. The feedback should be balanced as it is possible for a scam writing service to hire people to post positive feedback.

Then other great source of information is the websites that specialize in reviewing websites. These sites have essay writing service reviews that touch on all aspects of writing services including any complaints and downsides.

Pay Attention to the Details in Essay Writing Service Reviews

There are various pointers that students should look at when reading reviews so as to determine if a writing service is a scam. These pointers are:

Work Quality

A professional essay writing service should give the customers a guarantee that their essays should be unique and checked by plagiarism detection system. Scam writing services do not deliver essays together with plagiarism report as a proof of original work.


Essay writing service reviews that have information about the prices can help potential customers to identify the scam companies. Writing companies need to make profits after paying their staff and other operational bills hence it is unrealistic for a writing service to charge unbelievably low prices. A company that charges unrealistic prices cannot hire experienced writers hence it delivers poorly prepared essays and it likely to be a scam.

Customer Support

A genuine writing service should assist customers in all ways. Students should use essay writing service reviews to confirm whether the services that they are interested in have a helpful customer support department team that is easy to reach.  They should go further and check if the phone number, fax number and address indeed belong to the writing service. Scam services are likely to indicate contact numbers and addresses that do not correspond to their location.

Refund Policy

Essay writing service reviews are a good source of information about refund policy of writing service incase a customer is not satisfied with the essay service. Scam companies know that their services are below par hence they do not commit themselves to refund incase of late delivery, poor quality work or plagiarism. Reviews present students with opportunity to look out for the small details that show commitment level of writing services.