How to Revise an Essay in 10 MinutesIf you have never revised an essay do not mistake it for rewriting an entire paper.  Depending on your essay, it could be revising the thesis you have to match what you discovered when writing or coming up with some stronger arguments to defend the position. It could also mean coming up with examples that are more vivid to illustrate the points.

Sometimes it could be shifting the say order to enable readers follow up your argument or change emphasis of your essay points. You can also add or delete material but not trashing the entire paper and writing again from scratch. There are several things that can help you with your essay revision. These include:

Check Focus of Your Essay

Check if your paper is appropriate for the assignment, too narrow or wide and if the content on entire paper is on track.

Review Your Thesis

Think honestly about whether you still agree with your thesis or if it requires some modification in line of something you discovered when writing.  Determine if your thesis is provocative and takes a specific position or is general and says just what other persons can say about the topic. Thesis also includes deciding whether it needs to be changed.

Think about the Purpose of Writing

When revising, consider whether your introduction clearly states what you intend to achieve and if your aims are clear to the readers. In the later stages of essay revision, you also need to consider the following steps:

Examine balance within the paper

Establish is if your essay has some parts that are out of proportion or you whether you spent too much time on a trivial point at the expense of more important points.  You should also check out if you give more details early on then the points become thinner at the end.


As you revise, check if the facts are accurate or if any statements are misleading. Determine if all the information you have provided is accurate.

Check the organization

Establish if the paper’s pattern makes any sense. Establish if your transitions move readers smoothly between points and if the topic sentences in each paragraph properly introduce what the next paragraph is about. Establish if the essay would work better after moving some content around.

Determine if your essay satisfied the curiosity of the readers

A revised essay should support all claims in the thesis using formality and tone or language that is appropriate for the audience. Determine if all information is cites properly.

Check conclusion

Check if the last paragraph ties the essay together smoothly and ends on stimulating note. A conclusion that ends an essay on a low abrupt note needs revision.

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