How to Write a College Essay FastIt is very demanding to write college essay that is clear concise on short deadline.  Students are usually required to write essays within short time. There are certain approaches that will help you to write effective essays within short period regardless of subject matter.  When you practice the following techniques, the process of writing essays fast will be easier:


Allocate at least 10% of your time to plan. If you are required to complete an essay in 20 minutes, use 6 minutes to plan.   Rushing to write an essay will be counterproductive because you are likely to run to mental dead end. You will end up using more time than what you could have needed if you would have used part of it to plan.

Outline the Essay

You will normally want to structure your essay with an introduction, body presenting support evidence or arguments and the conclusion. Depending on   allocated time, an essay could be three paragraphs to multiple pages. However, it will be easier and faster for you to write college essay with structure since it will be clearer for the readers.

Think about Supporting Arguments and Examples before Writing

You need not flesh out these fully but when you have them in advance, it will save you from troublesome brainstorming after commencing actual writing procedure.

Use Clear, Precise Sentences

Do not try to elaborate grammatical structures unless you are very confident about it.  Just use words that you understand well. Flashy vocabulary cannot impress readers if you use them incorrectly.

Write an Introduction

The introduction to your essay depends on its overall length. It can be just a sentence or entire paragraph. Try to open with attention grabbing sentence or arresting idea. The most important thing is to ensure that what your essay is all about becomes clear.

Writing Supporting Arguments

Keep close to main essay subject and avoid tangents even if they seem interesting as you write college essay.  Depending on nature of your essay, the arguments could be mostly rhetorical or evidence heavy. When your use evidence, be specific as you can. Vague examples are “people I once knew” cannot be strong evidence.

Write a Conclusion

The conclusion should not introduce new line of reasoning or information. Its purpose is to sum up the basic argument in your essay. If it is possible, make the final sentence interesting and memorable. This is the last impression that your reader will receive.

In order to write college essay fast, choose a topic that interests you that you notice when it is mentioned anywhere rather than writing what you think will interest others.

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