A process essay is meant o inform readers how to do something. It can also provide information on how to get something done.  Tone plays a very important role in this type of essay.

A process essay like a recipe provides instructions for carrying out a task or procedure. You can write an essay about any procedure you find to be interesting as long as the topic is fit for the assignment.

A good process essay should follow these steps:

  1. Get a sheet of paper and draw a line in the middle to make two columns. Label one as “materials” and the other as “steps.”
  2. Start to empty the brain. Write down each item and all steps you think you will require for carrying out the task. Do not worry about trying to have things in an order yet.  Just concentrate on emptying the brain.
  3. After noting all the facts that you may think of, start to number the steps on the brainstorming page. Just write a number besides each item step/item.  You might need to scribble and erase few times before getting the proper order. It is not a smooth process.
  4. The next job for you is to write an outline. You can have a numbered list or write the process essay as a standard narrative. When you are instructed to write step-by-step without numbers, the essay should contain all elements of other essay assignments which is an introductory paragraph, body and conclusion. The difference is that the introduction explains why the topic is relevant or important. For example, your essay is about “how to clean a kennel” would be an explanation on why hygiene is important for the good health of your dog.
  5. The first body paragraph of your essay should have a list of the necessary materials. For example, if you are discussing how to wash a dog in the essay you should write something like this: ”  The equipment that you need depends somewhat on size of the dog. At the minimum, you will require a large container to hold your dog, a large towel and dog shampoo. “
  6. The other paragraphs of the process essay should contain instructions on how to follow steps in the process as you have enumerated it in your outline.
  7. Write a summary that explains how the process or task should turn out if you do it in the correct way. It might be appropriate to re-state why the topic is important.