A reflective essay expresses your feelings and views about particular subject. The goal of a reflective essay is to discuss who you learned, convey personal experiences and resulting findings.  Before you start writing, gather and list down all   sources and relevant materials you intend to include in it. An outline will help you to organize the thoughts and serve as the essay’s blueprint.

Steps to Write a Reflective Essay

Express Yourself

A reflective essay is the chance to reveal and discuss your thoughts about the essay topic. Reflective essays are used as self-assessment measure for all kinds. They allow you to address experiences and what you have gained. You might be asked to write reflective essays after completing a project, participating in a type of experience or completing a project.

The goal of a reflective essay is to relay your attitudes, beliefs, and observations.  For some reflective essays, you might be required to support the conclusions by citing materials like journals, books, articles and the other resources.

Back It Up

You need to show the readers that your essay has valid points therefore you should include the information that led you to your conclusions.  Your essay will have more credibility if you use references to illustrate the results of your findings from personal experience and facts.

The essay should have experiences and feelings based on your perception to showcase that your revelation has large scale significance. Essays should communicate the importance of a topic and how you consider it.


Reflective essays might not have definite structures by there are certain guidelines and formats to follow. The opening paragraph, at times referred to as thesis should inform readers about the readers and engage them so that they are eager to read the entire piece.

The body of the reflective essay should reveal ideas and experiences you have about the subject. Include different aspects of the experience and how it has shaped your findings.  When writing about an event, describe the progression.

In the conclusion, reflect upon the essay topic and discuss the impact on you and probable impact for others.


Format your essay according to guidelines decided by topic, subject or the class that administered the project.   If you are adhering to a writing style, it is important to be consistent throughout your essay using specific layout, citation rules and spacing.

While writing a reflective essay, make it personal but appealing to readers. You might be asked to write about a person who has made a big impact in your life or life changing experience. You should therefore use the introduction to explain why you chose the topic and its importance to you.