When reviewing the best essay writing services, our editors and reviewers look for the following categories of the criteria that we believe serve our readers interests most: customer support, usability and free features availability from the relevant essay writing assistance service.

Of course, there are many other criteria that any reader should take into account when requesting any kind of assistance from the services of their choice. We at Best Essay Writing Services are not able to review all the possible criteria. Besides, those are too personal for every reader. That’s why we concentrate on these 3 we had chosen.

Service Website Usability

As we are the team of internet professionals, and as we expect our opinion to be interesting to our readers, we put website usability as one of the most important criteria for the web service evaluation.

When reviewing the essay writing services websites, we try to ask our reviewers and ourselves whether we are able to find all the information we would need to know before going into a deal with the service. We try to see if we may find the list of the services the website offers, if we can easily contact the company we review, if we are able to find the service prices, and if our website navigation experience is convenient and positive.

The website usability criteria is a subjective mix of all the impressions we get over the website surf.

So based on that impression, we rate the websites we review the following way – we use 5 star rating system.

  • 1 star means “the website we review was quite hard to navigate, and we had faced some problems locating the essential, according to our opinion, information”
  • 3 stars rating means “the service website navigation experience was quite positive, we still see some ways to improve it though to make it even more comfortable and clear to the visitors to explore”
  • 5 stars rate means that “the website is good and easy to navigate”
  • 2 and 4 stars are intermediary values between those defined above.


Customer support is something that we believe is very important to our readers. That’s why this is one of the criteria we use to evaluate the website and services. When thinking of customer support service some essay assistance company provides, we try to see what channels are used by the service to communicate the prospects and customers, what schedule the team works and whether one is located in the US, some other country the service positions itself on, or elsewhere.

Our reviewers try to use the information they find on the website. We rate on 5-star basis, and the ratings we put mean the opinion of the reviewer, that we at website administration may sometimes not even agree with. The stars mean the following:

  • 1 star means that no extensive support services were found on the website by the reviewer
    3 stars mean that the Customer Support is stated to be available through more than one channel, such as mail and phone, or email and chat system
    5 stars mean that the service reviewed has many channels to do support and their schedule is declared to be 24 hours 7 days a week
  • 2 and 4 stars are intermediate values between those defined above.

Free Features Availability

We think and our readers will probably agree with us that those essay writing services that provide some features or services for free do deserve to be featured here on the Best Essay Writing Services. Here are the rules on how we do the star ratings:

  • 1 star means there were no free features and services found on the website.
  • 3 stars refer to the reviewer’s guess that free features were located to be available only to those who actually buy something else from the service.
  • 5 stars refer to those services that do provide some stuff/services for free and these free things/services were easily found from the website’s main page naavigation by the reviewer.
  • 2 and 4 stars are intermediate values.

We review what we are able to find and see. We put the reviews in a friendly manner so we do not affect anyone’s business. We aim to help businesses do their business better and we want to help potential service customers to choose their service having as much information as it is possible. For more on what and how we review please read our disclaimer and/or terms&conditions.