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123HelpMe.com is by no means an essay writing scam – this is a service that assists with writing! With 1,000’s of free research documents and essays, this site offers a multitude of paid research as well. Each document within the 123HelpMe site is provided as research only – this is not an essay writing service.

Key Features of 123HelpMe.com

  • 1,000’s of free essays for research
  • All papers on site are written by English speaking writers
  • Exceptional documents for research purposes available for a fee

Favorite 123HelpMe Feature

While navigating the 123HelpMe.com site, we were pleasantly surprised by the ‘Tools’ section. Offering every writer assistance with:

  • Writer’s Block Tool – by simply entering keyword(s), this tool helps spark fresh ideas to  get you back on track!
  • Vocabulary Tool – more than a Thesaurus, this tool builds the writer’s vocabulary, improving any document.
  • Topic & Title Generator – by entering keyword(s) specific to your essay, this tool will generate suggested topics and titles
  • Info Page – if you want to learn more about a specific author or topic, enter the name(s) and this tool will supply the information!

123HelpMe Customer Service

As this is not a writing service, the only customer service available is payment@123helpme.com. Although, there is an ‘automated tool’ that allows clients to view recent purchases. Alternatively, for PayPal purchases, you can view purchased documents immediately as well. The site is upfront that you must ‘Copy’ & ‘Paste’ every purchase to your hard drive. It will take some time to retrieve a lost document through the e-mail contact form. Also, be certain to save your payment receipt for all purchases!

123HelpMe Reviews

Customers love the easy color coding to determine relevancy and accuracy of each essay. Not a true service provider, reviews only apply to ease of use. 123HelpMe feedback is positive for information provided and ease of navigation.