Review of the Best Essay Writing Service

For especially complicated assignments, is one of the best sites online to complete your task on-time. That being said, one could only assume that a more simple task would be completed to even higher standards. With so many essay writing scams on the Internet, you can stop your search for legitimate college degreed writers at

Key Features

  • Hundreds of US based professional writers on staff
  • 100% unique content guaranteed
  • Generous discount program

Favorite Feature goes that one step beyond just writing essays, research papers, thesis statements, dissertations, etc. they even offer a Math/Physics/Economics/Statistics problem solving service. Pricey, but if you’re stuck on a problem and need help, the cost is definitely worth it! They even have a “Multiple Choice” assistance available. Even if you don’t need a specific problem to be solved, if your major is in a math-based subject, you will be certain that there is an appropriate writer on staff. Additionally, because approaches each order with a team, you are assured that the editing, writing and research requirements are handled by appropriate team members to complete your assignment. We love that offers help with assignments in: Programming; Power Point Presentations; Multiple Choice Questions; Statistics Projects; Math/Physics/Economics/Statistics Problems. Customer Support

There are several methods to contact customer support:

  • US phone number:  1-866-358-5229
  • Skype
  • 24/7 Live Chat

We contacted them via Live Chat. Although the initial response was immediate, “Customer Support Representative #1” seemed to just doing a copy/paste response from site content and was unable to answer any off-script questions. Subsequent efforts to reach support were always answered by Representative #1, although the name changed each time. It left us wondering if, in fact, the representative was actually a computer responder. Questions that were off-script (not readily answered from site content) often went unanswered. We waited 15 minutes for one response and finally just ended the session. Reviews

Although support was a bit lacking, we still give them rave reviews. We only reduce the rating because of the pre-sale support.