Review of ThePensters

Avoid all the essay writing scams on the Internet by ordering from Every document is written to order, with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Every paper is checked through the site’s own plagiarism program, developed to avoid having to register your paper with the standard services like TurnItIn.

Key Features

  • over 400 professional writers
  • specialty writers; choose the best specialty for your assignment
  • every paper written to order

Favorite Feature

Every writer’s profile is available for review. Choosing the writer with the most experience, best feedback rate, or specific background is available at time of order. If you don’t want to take the time to choose your writer, will choose for you. By examining the rubric of your assignment, the writer is chosen. After you receive your writer’s name, you can research his or her profile within the site. This is an amazing feature, as it allows the client to see exactly who is writing their paper. All fears are removed when the client can see the person behind the pen.

The Customer Service

Although the site offers free inquiry, there is no contact information available. This could be perceived by clients as a “scam alert”. There is no live chat, e-mail address, physical address, or phone number listed. All communication is through the site. Our service from the writer was exceptional, but as we had no true customer service needs (refunds, complaints, etc.), there is no true manner of rating. Reviews

According to customer feedback, the current rank is 4.43/5.00. Each customer has the opportunity to not only rank their writer but to leave specific feedback as well. Every comment, negative and positive, is published on the site for customer research.

Our primary complaint with the apparent lack of customer service. We also do not like that all communication between the writer and client is through the site. Our preference is for direct communication via private e-mail. It is cumbersome to sign in to the site to view the progress of orders and to receive the paper throughout the process.