After going through reviews of essay writing services, it is easy to tell which of them qualify to be the top essay writing services. Many wonder who chooses the top essay writing services. Most of the ranking is as a result of reviews by the customers who have used their services.

Writing services that do not have much feedback from the customers are usually short of meeting the expectations of the customers and this is why they have nothing to say. On the other hand, services that have a good number of feedbacks from their customers show that they satisfied them.

Top Essay Writing Services Review Portals

There are other reviews developed by reviewers who run essay writing services review sites. These sites usually have a ranking of top essay writing services which are developed after reviewers study various aspects of service provision. The reviewers also look at the feedback provided by the customers both positive and negative. Evaluating essay writing services may look hard but it is not that challenging.

All that customers or reviewers who need to rate a writing service have to do is to be honest and have a genuine reasons to award a certain rating. Reviewers can give a more rationale rating as they look at all aspects including the feedback by customers. Some of them even place orders to see how they will be handled.

Things You Should Check When Choosing Top Essay Writing Services

One of the things that they look for when determining the top essay writing services is the navigability of their websites as this is where the customers begin. Reviewers also look at the features on a website and whether they add value. A website review includes the general functioning of the site in terms of loading speed, functioning of the server (whether it goes down frequently) and how easy or hard it is to use the contact forms.

Customer support plays a crucial role in choosing the top essay writing services. Essay services that have easy to reach customer support teams in multiple ways such as live chat, phone, e-mail or fax get higher ratings.

Reviewers consider whether a service gives the customers a value for their money by getting high quality essays completed by experienced writers as this is what makes them satisfied. Valuable service includes the inclusion of plagiarism report and revision at no additional cost and refund guarantee for unsatisfied customers.  Reviewers also consider if a writing service goes an extra mile and offers free features such as formatting and discounts.