An argumentative essay provides persuasive argument to opposing audience with the aim of changing their minds.  An argumentative essay like a persuasive essay attempts to persuade readers to agree with the position you have taken on a topic. You are required to make a thesis statement, use data, facts and other evidence to show that your thesis is logical and correct.

The stages to creating a successful argumentative essay are:

Planning Stage

An argumentative essay will be effective if you take a moment to plan and prepare as opposed to jumping into writing an essay in a rush.

Find a Good Topic

In order to find a good topic, consider several issues with very different conclusions or two conflicting points of view.   Pick a topic that strongly sparks your interest and the position that you can easily back up with evidence and reasoning.

You may have a strong belief but you have to explain what is logical and reasonable when you are shaping up an argument. When exploring the topics, create a mental list of the points that you can use as evidence to support or oppose an issue.

Consider Both Sides of the Topic and Take Your Position

After selecting a topic that you strongly feel about, list the points for sides of argument and pick one side.

One of the first objectives for an argumentative essay is to present both sides of the issue with assessment of each side. You should of course conclude that the side you support to be the best conclusion. During the planning stage, you have to consider strong arguments for the other side as well but eventually you will shoot them down.

Gather Evidence

An argument usually creates the impression of emotional confrontation. However, an argument essay required that you provide evidence without much drama. Explore both sides of an essay topic and provide your proof why one position or side is the best.

Writing Stage

Start crafting your essay when you give yourself a working foundation. An argument essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. The length and number of paragraphs for these parts depends on the length of essay assignment. The first paragraph of the argumentative essay should have brief explanation about the topic, background information and thesis statement which states your position on a topic.

The body should go through two sides of the argument and state strongest points of counter side of the issue. Describe the “other” side then present your viewpoint and provide evidence showing why your position is correct one. Select the strongest evidence from statistics, anecdotal stories and other studies when presenting your points.

Re-state your position as most sensible in the summary paragraphs.